Registration of computer programs and databases


Registration of a computer program and database can play a key role in resolving a dispute over authorship of a computer program or database when it is used illegally. The copyright for the program and the database arises from the moment of its creation, and its registration is a certificate of such right. Registration is carried out at the request of the copyright holder in order to facilitate the confirmation of his rights to a computer program or database and to create opportunities for its wider use.

A computer program is a set of data and commands presented in an objective form intended for the operation of a computer and other computer devices in order to obtain a certain result, including preparatory materials obtained during the development of a computer program and the audiovisual displays generated by it (Article 1261 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation ).

The database is a set of independent materials (articles, calculations, regulations, court decisions and other similar materials) presented in an objective form, systematized in such a way that these materials can be found and processed using an electronic computer (computer) (part 2 Article 1260 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).


What will registering a computer program or database give you?

  • Presumption of Authorship - You will be considered the author until a third party proves otherwise.
  • Simplification of the statement on the balance sheet of the organization as an intangible asset.

Stages of state registration of a computer program or database:

  • Making an appointment with a client and concluding a service agreement
  • Discussion of the work plan and the expected result
  • Payment of invoice
  • Preparation of the required set of documents
  • Coordination and signing of a set of documents by the client
  • Submission of documents to FIPS, where the application is assigned a number
  • Consideration of the application within two months from the date of receipt for registration, checking the availability of the necessary
  • documents and their compliance with the established requirements
  • If necessary, correspondence with FIPS experts, answers to inquiries
  • Adopting a positive decision * on registration or refusal to register

* With a positive result of consideration of the application:

  • A computer program or database is entered into the Register of computer programs or the Register of databases
  • The rightholder is notified of official registration and a certificate of official registration is issued
  • FIPS publishes information on the official registration of a computer program or database in the official gazette

Documents required for registration of computer programs and databases:

  • Registration application with data of the author (s) and copyright holder (s)
  • Snippet of source code
  • abstract
  • Duty payment document




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