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Cases of theft of trademarks and technologies have become more frequent in Russia. How to protect your business, brands, identity * and technology?

In today's market, unfair competition is gaining momentum. In what forms can such co-nurence manifest itself?

  • Industrial espionage
  • Theft of advertising materials, packaging, brands, technologies, etc.
  • Production and marketing of products under a competitor's brand without their knowledge (product falsification)
  • Formalization of not yet registered technologies and names of competitors to own company

In order to maintain our competitive advantages in the form of brands with a unique identity and recipe, we strongly recommend protecting developments in different legal institutions by closing all possible loopholes of trolling, invading and squatting.

Also, in order to exclude violation of your rights and not find yourself in a situation of loss of profits, interception of a trademark, counterfeiting of your products, you must constantly monitor the facts of violation of rights, as well as update the legal documents used.

The advantages that you get by concluding a subscription service agreement with the NCIC:

  • Ability not to be distracted by resolving legal issues related to intellectual property and focus on the main activity
  • Sharing of risks and their partial transfer under a subscription service agreement
  • No need to look for a qualified lawyer in the state, and, consequently, savings on wages, training, sick leave and vacation payments for this specialist, as well as on the equipment of a separate workplace.
  • The ability to significantly reduce the time required to respond to emerging controversial legal situations.
  • A single contract (which reduces the workflow), a fixed and known in advance the cost of services.
  • Dedicated specialist for your company, who owns all the issues.

* Corporate identity, corporate identity - a visual image of a company, corporation or business in the eyes of the public, customers and employees. It is provided by a variety of means, including distinctive design, branding and trademark use.




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