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Legal protection of intellectual property is important for maintaining the economic advantages of creators and legitimate producers of new goods and services in foreign and domestic markets.

Consequences of the insecurity of intellectual property rights:

  • Lack of expected income and profits
  • Reduced investment in the development of new technologies
  • Damage to business reputation
  • "Draining" technologies and developments
  • Corruption, increased scale of money laundering through gray business
  • The growth of organized crime and the criminalization of society due to impunity for offenses.

To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to timely and, most importantly, effectively ensure the legal protection of the intellectual property of the enterprise. In order to fully secure the development, they must be protected in parts in different institutions of law, this allows you to completely exclude the possibility of copying and reproducing your intellectual property by unscrupulous competitors.

Natural monopolization of the market. How to achieve it?

Conduct an analysis of the protection capacity of the results of intellectual labor Create multiple layers of intellectual property protection Minimize the risks of copying and counterfeiting
  • Identify and eliminate omissions in the legal protection of existing products of intellectual work
  • Build a legal relationship "author-copyright holder"
  • To ensure the protection of the development in all legal institutions, the "invention formula", which is of the greatest value, to formalize at the expense of the internal standards of the enterprise ("know-how")
  • Develop and implement control regimes and regulations
  • Build a legal barrier preventing the leakage of commercially valuable information

A comprehensive approach to the protection of intellectual property rights allows:

  • Ensure patent and copyright purity: minimizing the risks of all interested parties.
  • Identify and formalize the true copyright holder of the development.
  • Differentiate development into components, thereby creating several levels of protection. Eliminate the possibility of unfair competition, invading, trolling.
  • To form the development value, formalize the invention formula in the form of a production secret (know-how) and thereby minimize the risks of copying or counterfeiting.
  • Describe the development in as much detail as possible without prejudice to its further use.
  • As a result, a fully formed object of intellectual property is formed, which can be disposed of by analogy with a material asset.

Legal protection of intellectual property will allow you to make the most of all the available intellectual resources of the company to generate additional income from the use of IPOs, as well as to protect enterprises from possible mistakes, unnecessary material and moral waste.

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