The commercialization of intellectual property is a way to generate additional income in relation to existing capitalized intangible assets. Commercialization is an independent sphere of economic relations based on the receipt of income from the use, exchange or sale of objects of intellectual property (IPO).

Why is the commercialization of intellectual property important?

It is often believed that a person works effectively, and it is often forgotten that his brain is only 1-5% involved.
Companies often think they are making the most of their resources and fail to see another 95% of the opportunities: how to use existing resources.
NCIC helps companies to use existing resources in new ways, increasing their profitability and increasing the effect achieved through intellectual resources.

What does the commercialization of intellectual property give?

  • Duplication of business with minimal monetary and resource investments and risks
  • Expanding geographic coverage, capturing new markets
  • Serving more customers
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Generation of new cash flows through investments, lump-sum fees, royalties and royalties
  • Increase in sales, expansion of distribution channels
  • Standardization and legalization of business processes

The main types of commercialization of intellectual property

Benefits of commercialization

  • Accounting for added value in the cost of products manufactured by the enterprise
  • Receiving additional income from the sale of licenses (licensing)
  • Extraction of profit through the implementation of exclusive rights to IPO
  • Compensation for damage from illegal use of exclusive rights to IPO

Commercialization consists of

  • Creation of patent and copyright purity and formation of the true copyright holder
  • Creation of the highest possible level of protection of IPO
  • Creation, if necessary, of the proper level of capitalization and commercialization of IPO
  • Create a demo presentation
  • Development of the most optimal and transparent ways of investment and project implementation
  • Elaboration of scenarios for the further development of relations with the investor, exit of the investor, purchase and sale of the project, etc.

Intellectual Property Objects (OIP)

  • Engineering
  • Technical assistance
  • Industrial cooperation and technology transfer within our own enterprises
  • Leasing
  • License agreements
  • Franchising

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