Audit of the results of intellectual activity


Audit of the results of intellectual activity (RIA) - revision of legal and accounting documents related to the results of intellectual activity and means of individualization (SI) used in the organization.

During the audit, the following RIA and SI can be identified:

  • Trademark and unregistered designations used to individualize goods and services
  • Invention, utility model, industrial design
  • Unregistered technical solutions
  • Objects of copyright: works of science, literature and art, computer programs, databases
  • Production secret (know-how)
  • Information about RIA and ways of doing business, not formalized as know-how

Objectives of the RIA audit:

  • Getting an idea of ​​the composition and current state of RID and SI
  • Identification of RIA and SI in need of legal protection
  • Determination of the monetary and non-monetary effect of future capitalization
  • Development of a portfolio of strategic tasks and tactical solutions for the legal protection and management of RIA and SI
Standard situation in a Russian organization What is the NCIC doing? Result
  • Developments and technologies not taken into account
  • Legal protection of developments is framed with omissions
  • Intangible assets (intangible assets) are not credited to the balance sheet
  • There is no additional income due to the use of intangible assets
  • Low investment attractiveness
    High risks of leakage of valuable information
  • Conducts smart audit and value analysis
  • Provides effective legal protection
  • Bridges gaps in existing design protection
  • Introduces intangible assets into economic circulation
  • Creates mechanisms for generating additional income
  • Builds a management system for products of intellectual labor
  • Intellectual property is fully protected, accounted for and put on the balance sheet
  • Created tools for the reproduction of products of intellectual labor
  • Increased enterprise value
  • Intangible assets bring additional income
  • Credit and investment attractiveness increased


An audit is the first step towards the capitalization of intangible assets, allowing you to determine the effect of future capitalization.


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