The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Business Club (SCO Business Club) is a non-profit partnership for promoting international economic cooperation, a community of professionals that brings together representatives of business, diplomatic and academic circles to develop mutually beneficial cooperation, public relations and contacts between entrepreneurs of the SCO member states.

Since October 2009, the SCO Business Club has been functioning in the format of a non-commercial partnership, being the executive structure of the Secretariat of the SCO Business Council.

The main tasks of the SCO Business Club:

  • analytical and organizational support for the activities of the SCO Business Council;
  • formation of effective business communications between entrepreneurs of the SCO countries;
  • assistance in the implementation of multilateral economic projects in the areas determined by the Heads of Government in the "Program of Trade and Economic Cooperation" and approved by the Board of the SCO Business Council;
  • expanding ties with the business communities of the observer countries and SCO dialogue partners.

The SCO Business Club actively interacts with the Government of the Russian Federation, the government of Moscow and the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, committees of the State Duma and the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the offices of plenipotentiary representatives of the President of the Russian Federation in federal districts, legislative assemblies of the regions, other government bodies and business associations of Russia, China, India , Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and other countries of Asia and Europe.

Among the priority areas of work of the SCO Business Club:

  • assistance in the implementation of investment and infrastructure projects, public-private partnership programs;
    support in the formation of joint ventures, the organization of new business entities;
  • holding business conferences, round tables with representatives of government authorities and commercial structures;
  • preparation of analytical reports and expert opinions on sectors of the economy, monitoring and analysis of the current financial and economic situation in the SCO countries and the world;
  • organization of negotiations, business missions, presentations, exhibitions and other business events;
  • conducting information and advertising campaigns in the media and the Internet;
  • creation of databases of commercial organizations, search for possible partners and investors, organization of virtual exchanges.

Representatives of the business community interested in promoting goods and services in the markets of the SCO countries, establishing contacts with business communities and government agencies of the member states, observers and SCO dialogue partners are invited to participate in the activities of the SCO Business Club.

As an important mechanism for establishing trade and economic cooperation between member countries, observers and SCO dialogue partners, the SCO Business Club contributes to:

  • intensifying the exchange of experience and ideas, strengthening mutual trust between the business communities of the SCO countries;
  • ensuring an equal, constructive dialogue between government, business and science in the development of trade and economic relations between the SCO countries;
  • increasing the social responsibility of business, increasing the responsibility of citizens before future generations, expanding the spiritual and moral component in the business sphere.

By combining knowledge and resources, we direct them to the formation of a common space of well-being and prosperity, social harmony and sustainable development throughout the Eurasian continent.

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