Utility Model Patent No. 170934

The utility model relates to medicine, namely to physiotherapy and reflexology, and can be used in neurology, cardiology, rheumatology, therapy and other areas for the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of human diseases by acting on acupuncture points (TA) and reflexogenic zones of the skin surface.

The task to be solved by the declared useful model is to expand the functional capabilities of the apparatus due to the local action of terahertz radiation not only on the corporal, but also on the auricular acupuncture points, through which the suprasegmental mechanisms of regulation of the autonomic functions of the body are influenced, which contributes to an increase in the effectiveness of treatment 

This problem is solved due to the fact that the apparatus for terahertz puncture containing a power source, a control unit and an emitter made in the form of a semiconductor silicon LED with terahertz radiation in the range from 0.002 to 8 THz, the carrier of which is infrared radiation from 1 to 56 microns, four emitters are additionally introduced, made similar to the above, and connected to the control unit independently of each other and of the said emitter, with the possibility of each emitter operating in a given mode.

The technical result provided by the given set of features of the claimed utility model is the creation of an apparatus for terahertz puncture, providing a puncture non-invasive physiotherapeutic effect on TA. A targeted therapeutic effect of treating patients with various cardiovascular diseases is provided by standardizing the procedure for influencing TA, which helps to shorten the treatment time, reduce the need for drugs used by patients, and increase the percentage of achieving the effect of a more complete recovery.According to classical acupuncture techniques, to obtain the most effective treatment result, it is recommended to simultaneously influence no more than 1-5 acupuncture points.

In comparison with the prototype in the claimed design of the utility model, new essential features are the additionally introduced four emitters independent of each other and of the said emitter, with a rounded skin irradiation spot with an area of ​​0.25 cm2 each, in order to provide a simultaneous combined non-invasive effect on TA. All emitters have the constructive ability to work with the emitter used in the prototype with an area of ​​79 cm2 each, designed to irradiate various parts of the skin surface of the human body of a larger area (Zakharyin-Ged zones). The proposed design allows for individual adjustment of each emitter in terms of radiation time, moreover, independent operation of each of the emitters at the same time and automatic shutdown of the emitters upon completion of the segment of work programmed for them is possible.

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